How to Open Up to Others About Your Mental Illness

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Public understanding of mental illness has improved immensely over the past decade. More people are talking about mental health than ever before. What used to be a topic that you kept to yourself is now more open for discussion among friends, family members, and even in some workplaces.

The connection between mental illness and relationships only makes the willingness to talk about it more important. Mental health struggles can make building and maintaining relationships difficult; talking about mental health can improve understanding and help others understand what might be holding you back.

Mental illness and relationships are not easy topics to navigate but are important to discuss with the people in your life. If you’re struggling, you should never have to handle your difficulties alone. How can you open up to others about your mental illness? What are the steps to take, and where should you seek support for your troubles?

Build a Support System

Start by talking about mental health with those closest to you. This includes family members and friends you feel comfortable sharing your struggles with. Building a support system of people who care about you is an important first step because you can always return to this core network when things get tough. Your loved ones want to support you, regardless of the impact of mental illness and relationships. Additionally, opening up to them may answer some questions they have and aren’t sure how to address.

Take it Slow

There’s no reason to rush into opening up about mental illness. You don’t have to tell everyone in your life, either. You’re allowed to be selective about the people you choose to talk about it with. The relief of sharing your difficulties with someone else may make you want to share them with as many people as possible. However, you don’t want to share it with someone and later wish you hadn’t.

Talk With Your Employer

Thankfully more employers are open to talking about mental health than they were in the past. Workplaces are far more willing to offer mental health days for their employees living with mental illness. If your mental health impacts your performance at work, you may want to talk with your employer about what’s going on. It might feel scary or cause some anxiety, but your employer may connect you with helpful resources or provide accommodations when necessary.

Seek Treatment

If your mental health takes a toll on your daily life, you may want to open up in a more structured and supportive environment. Seeking mental health treatment can equip you with the tools and skills needed to manage your mental illness and live a happy, productive, fulfilling life. You might hesitate to seek treatment before opening up to others. Once you start talking about mental health, though, you’ll likely feel empowered to ask for the help you need.

Programs like those at Pasadena Villa offer hope and healing to those living with mental illness. We recognize the difficulties that come with mental health struggles and are equipped to place you on a path to wellness through a comprehensive, whole-person approach. To learn more about the services we offer or find the program that’s right for you, reach out to us at 407-215-2519 or submit an online request form to speak with an admissions specialist!



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