Residential Levels of Care

Our customized and compassionate care is provided in a therapeutic environment that promotes well-being, recovery, and personal motivation. We offer residential treatment options that provide the highest levels of care and support and the closest amount of supervision based on each client’s individual needs.

Intensive Residential Treatment

Our residential treatment is our most intensive level of care. It consists of a high staff-to-resident ratio, 24-hour staffing, and a variety of individualized evidence-based therapies, education, and support.

In our intensive residential treatment programs, the primary model of care is group therapy with supportive individual therapy. All programs are firmly rooted in our unique Social Integration ModelTM, preparing each client for life after treatment.

We also offer step-down levels of care for clients after they complete their residential treatment programs. To learn more about our step-down levels of care, visit our Outpatient Treatment page.

Care Through CulinaryTM Difference

Nutrition: A Vital Part of Treatment

Food is often an overlooked component of quality care. However, we’ve found that serving high-quality, thoughtfully prepared, fresh, and nutritious food has a direct impact on how clients approach their treatment. Nourishing the mind and body is part of our whole-person approach to care as it helps accelerate each person’s path toward recovery. Entering residential treatment can be scary when clients are away from home and the people, things, and foods that are familiar. A gesture like someone asking about a client’s favorite meal and then cooking it for them, can make them feel accepted and welcome.

Care Through Culinary™: Helping Our Client Progress In Their Recoveries

The Nutritional and Culinary Teams at Pasadena Villa are dedicated to not just preparing nutritious food, but to extending the care we offer our clients through it. For us, culinary excellence means nourishing the mind and body through well-balanced meals, building supportive communities with others during meals, or enjoying foods that may be new along with the familiar smells and tastes of home.


Pasadena Villa not only meets specific local, state, and federal regulations, but we work hard to exceed them. We also voluntarily choose to meet or exceed the high standards required for the prestigious Joint Commission Accreditation, with which all Pasadena Villa programs and locations are accredited.

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