How We Treat at Pasadena Villa

The Foundation of Treatment: Our Social Integration Model™

Founded on the belief that it’s our utmost responsibility to do whatever possible to prepare our residents for life outside of Pasadena Villa, all our treatment methods are firmly rooted in our Social Integration Model™.

Our staff observes and interacts with residents in real-life situations, both at our facilities and out in the community, helping to ensure that ongoing treatment plans are as accurate and effective as possible. By utilizing activities within the community, in tandem with different therapeutic sessions, we’ve found immense success in assimilating thousands of people back into everyday life and regaining control of their lives.

Our Social Integration Model is focused on situations that are relevant, in real-time, and are focused on life strategies. Activities include:

  • Frequent outings to hone social skills
  • Community residential or supportive residential homes
  • Volunteering, going to school, or working while continuing treatment
  • Integrated therapy within the community
Treatment at Pasadena is holistic and customized for each client based on their diagnosis and consists of:
  • Multiple levels of care, which are designed to provide the right level of support to bring clients to their full potential of independent or semi-independent living.
  • Private mental health luxury residential treatment for adults, specializing in a wide array of mental health conditions.
  • Treatment at two residential locations in both Orlando,Florida and Knoxville, Tennessee, and outpatient services in multiple locations.
  • Step-down homes on site, providing a full continuum of care from start to finish at our program if needed.
  • Ongoing client assessments with our experienced treatment team to advocate for the proper length of stay to ensure the best outcomes.

Our Proven Therapies

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