Social Integration Model™

What Is the Social Integration Model™?

Founded on the belief that it’s our utmost responsibility to do whatever possible to prepare our residents for life outside of Pasadena Villa, all our treatment methods are firmly rooted in our Social Integration ModelTM.

Our staff observes and interacts with residents in real-life situations, both at our facilities and out in the community, helping to ensure that ongoing treatment plans are as accurate and effective as possible.

By utilizing recreational, social and life-skills activities within the community, in tandem with different therapeutic sessions, we’ve found immense success in assimilating thousands of people back into everyday life and regaining control of their lives.

Our Social Integration Model consists of:

  • Frequent outings to hone social skills
  • Community residential or supportive residential homes
  • Providing the ability for clients to volunteer, go to school, or work while continuing treatment
  • Integrated therapy within the community

Social Integration Model Components


Our clinicians are “Social Mentors,” providing a strong constant presence in a therapeutic environment, continuously engaging with our residents in relevant situations. Through an effective therapeutic alliance with our clinicians, ongoing feedback, support, and direction are provided to help guide the process and assist each client in meeting their individualized treatment goals and regain control of their lives. Activities are selected by our residents; chosen to make individualized progress that influences their life’s decisionslong after treatment has concluded.

Real Time

Our licensed mental health professionals observe residents and instantly intervene, as appropriate, in real time. To achieve a higher level of functioning outside of treatment, the observations are incorporated into each client’s treatment plan so they can practice applying those learned skills to any situation in the future.

Life Strategies

In a natural environment, our residents receive expert clinical care and guidance from our licensed staff in real-life situations. Residents enjoy the many fun and rewarding experiences that life offers within the local community, while practicing the life skills necessary to have a socially fulfilling future after treatment. At our facilities, we engage in real life activities, such as serving all meals at one large banquet table where residents model, practice, and learn proper social and communications skills and behavior.

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