Listen-Empathize-Agree-Partner (LEAP)

At Pasadena Villa, we use the LEAP treatment methodology based on each client’s individual needs.  

What Is LEAP?

When an individual is unaware of their own mental health condition, when they believe that what others may see as symptoms is simply their truth, and when they believe they don’tneed help, this is called “anosognosia.” This condition can be challenging for loved ones to understand and difficult for providers to treat. At Pasadena Villa, we utilize a world-renowned, evidence-based approach in our work with clients who experience anosognosia, LEAP. This intervention is a relationship-based approach that facilitates understanding and trust, leading to treatment acceptance and positive clinical outcomes. Without challenging or distrusting a client’s experience, clinical staff can join with the client on their journey and foster a connection that allows for understanding of thought processes and increased compliance with interventions. 

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