Individual Therapy

At Pasadena Villa, we use individual therapy in tandem with group therapy to help our clients achieve sustained recovery from mental health disorders and co-occurring substance use disorder.

Individual Therapy Components

Individual therapy is the second most widely used tool in residential treatment and partial hospitalization programs (PHP). At Pasadena Villa, with individual therapy, each client is assigned an individual therapist who works with them to complete a formal assessment to understand the client’s perspective. After that, the individual therapist creates a treatment plan with the assistance of the client and the other treatment team members to prioritize the goals for treatment. Each client is seen weekly for individual and family sessions.
As the relationship between the client and therapist in this setting is planned to be short lived, it can be difficult to navigate long-term traumas. However, to help clients progress on their recovery journeys, our therapists use highly effective strategies including, but not limited to:
Our therapists also work closely with each client’s outpatient treatment team (as appropriate) to coordinate care, hand off the next set of goals, and share the progress each client has made.

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