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Witnessing a loved one struggle with a mental health disorder is extremely difficult and finding the right treatment program can feel impossible. At Pasadena Villa, we can help. Providing the highest quality individualized psychiatric and psychotherapeutic care for all genders (18 years and older), we also offer a specialty residential program for autistic clients. We don’t just focus on the presenting condition, but rather on the underlying disorders by utilizing a comprehensive whole-person approach that serves as the foundation for true client-centered care.

What Makes Pasadena Villa Different?

Care Through Culinary™:

Helping Our Clients Progress In Their Recoveries

Food is often an overlooked component of quality care. However, we’ve found that serving high-quality, thoughtfully prepared, fresh, and nutritious food has a direct impact on how clients approach their treatment. Nourishing the mind and body is part of our whole-person approach to care as it helps accelerate each person’s path towards recovery. For us, culinary excellence means nourishing the mind and body through well-balanced meals, building supportive communities with others during meals, or enjoying foods that may be new along with the familiar smells and tastes of home.

What Family Members Are Saying

Our clients’ families trust us to help their loved one on their mental health disorder recovery journeys. And after reading about their experiences, we hope you’ll trust as well.

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As a parent, we only want the best for our children. I was blessed to find Pasadena Villa. The staff treated my child with respect and compassion. It was the first time since their diagnosis that they felt they were an active participant in their course of treatment. The lodge is beautiful, and the meals were exceptional, per my child. Pasadena was helpful in accommodating dietary restrictions due to allergies. Overall, the experience was positive. A slight hiccup with the insurance billing, but Kyle was able to resolve my concerns in less than 24 hours. Would recommend this facility to others struggling with mental health issues.– Grateful Family Member of a Former Client, Pasadena Villa Smoky Mountain Lodge
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We had a very difficult situation with a young family member. For our family this was a good place. We felt our family member was safe there and could get the help they needed. They are doing much better now. We were very lucky and had a good outcome. Our experience was that every single staff person was nice, friendly, helpful, and always in contact with us. They worked with us to help our family member get better and we were always informed about what was going on.” – Family Member of a Former Client, Pasadena Villa - Orlando
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I am pleased with the facility and staff. A relative of mine was there for two months and the care he received there made a difference in his life. He felt like part of a family. The therapist did a great job in putting him back on his feet. They took a personal interest in his progress, which I’m sure boosted his advancement towards getting well. It was worth the investment.– Grateful Family Member of a Former Client, Pasadena Villa - Orlando

What We Treat and How

Levels of Care

Our customized and compassionate care is provided in a therapeutic environment that promotes well-being, recovery, and personal motivation. There are multiple levels of care available at our Pasadena Villa locations, each providing the highest levels of care and support and the closest amount of supervision needed.

The Villa – Orlando

Smoky Mountain Lodge

The Stables Autism Program

Family Support Throughout Treatment

Family involvement in treatment is welcomed when appropriate and the treatment team will make every effort to ensure that you are provided with updates (as often as requested), as well as education on your loved one’s mental health diagnosis. We value your opinion and input and will provide family therapy sessions, including a Family Dynamics Group, which is a therapeutic group that addresses family relationships and promotes positive, healthy communication. Group discussions include family conflict and problem-solving, codependency, family roles, and healthy boundaries. Group members can identify and process feelings about family dysfunction and issues of grief and loss

Caring For Our Clients Like They’re Family

Collaborative Process

Our caring professionals will partner with you, loved one, and their community providers to design an effective, customized care plan utilizing a comprehensive approach to treatment that addresses your loved one’s specific mental health condition(s).

Evidence-based Treatment

Our program is firmly rooted in evidence-based treatment methods with a customized treatment plan that will be created for your loved one based on their specific needs. In tandem with our Social Integration ModelTM, which will enable them to put skills learned into practice with the support of their therapist, our clinical team uses multiple therapeutic modalities.

Whole-person Approach

Our whole-person approach that includes our Social Integration ModelTM and evidence-based treatment will ensure that your loved one has comprehensive treatment experience. Through a variety of mental health programs and mental health therapies, we can help them re-stabilize their life and learn to manage the symptoms of their mental health disorder(s)

Taking the Next Step

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