Can we help one of your clients in their recovery from a mental health disorder?

Our partnership with you is vital for their success

At Pasadena Villa we provide the highest quality individualized psychiatric and psychotherapeutic care for all genders (18 years and older), while helping our clients maximize social functioning in the real world. We also have a specialty residential program for clients with autism.

Through the privileged partnerships we build with behavioral health professionals, our team at Pasadena Villa is proud to support you and any client who is suffering from a severe and persistent mental illness. Together we can provide them the help they need to recover and live independently.

What Makes Pasadena Villa Different?

What our Clinical Partners Are Saying

Our clinical partners trust us to help their clients on their recovery journeys. And after reading about their experiences, we hope you’ll trust as well.

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I’ve worked with Pasadena Villa for many years as a referring professional. They’ve always worked hard for my clients to ensure they’re the right fit for the client's needs, and if not, they always help find the right place for the client. I’ve had the pleasure of touring both Smoky Mountain Lodge and The Stables. It's a beautiful, serene, and clinically astute program. I highly recommend their programs and trust their expertise. Additionally, working with their local outreach professional, Corinne, has been a true pleasure. She's professional, kind, and compassionate. I’ve also followed up with the client's families and they all have only good things to say. As a professional, it’s tough to trust someone else with your client, but I don't worry at all when I hand them off to the staff at Pasadena Villa. For that, I am grateful.– Clinical Partner, Pasadena Villa Smoky Mountain Lodge
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As a substance use disorder provider in the Sevierville area, I have frequent contact with Pasadena. When referring a client there, I always see client care come before anything else. Jennie Vandivort, in particular, is a wonderful person to work with and takes care of each person I call her about.– Clinical Partner, Pasadena Villa Smoky Mountain Lodge

How Our Referral Process Works

Our Admissions and Clinical Partnership Teams play important roles in communicating with you, your client, and others involved in their care including family members. Communication is key so we provide a concierge level of service by answering questions and guiding everyone through the steps efficiently, ensuring the appropriate level of detail.

Working Closely With Our Clinical Partners

At Pasadena Villa we strive to create an environment that clinical partners feel comfortable referring their clients to. We believe in each client’s ability to heal and enter long-term recovery from their mental health disorder, and understand that to be successful, their clinical partners are a vital part of that recovery.

Our expert treatment team will work closely with you to determine an appropriate treatment plan for your client, and you will receive regular updates on their progress. Additionally, our facilities can provide treatment for clients at various stages of their recovery. We have a curated, thoughtful discharge planning process to support each of your client’s needs throughout their recovery.

Levels of Care

Our customized and compassionate care is provided in a therapeutic environment that promotes well-being, recovery, and personal motivation. There are multiple levels of care available at our Pasadena Villa locations, each providing the highest levels of care and support and the closest amount of supervision needed.

The Villa – Orlando

Smoky Mountain Lodge

The Stables Autism Program

Meet Your Pasadena Villa Admissions Team

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Taking the Next Step

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