Best Practices for Recovering From Major Depression

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Depression is a major battle that can affect individuals young and old and impact their mood, energy, and ability to engage in important lifestyle tasks. If you’re looking for a resolution to your depression, know that you’re not alone. There are plenty of ways to treat major depression, including evidence-based treatments like cognitive behavioral therapy and following a few best practices. If you’ve found yourself dealing with the effects of major depression, these steps can help you inch away and slowly make each day easier to bear.

Treating Depression

You can treat depression with medication or therapy, keeping in mind that these options will vary based on your situation. Plenty of available medications can be incorporated into treatment plans to help people with depression. Medication can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to kick in, and people will slowly begin to notice improvements in their mood, sleep routine, and appetite, among other things. Regularly speaking to a therapist allows you to pinpoint different triggers and negative behaviors and combat them in healthy ways.

Remember, Small Steps Make a Big Difference

Feelings of sustained sadness or lack of interest can be extremely difficult to deal with, but starting small is the best way to make headway into a solution. Small steps make a huge impact on many mental health conditions, and if you stay focused on your long-term goals and strategies, you will notice every day slowly starting to improve. Contact Pasadena Villa Network to access mental health professionals that can help you focus on the reality of your situation and not get caught up in the effects of your mental illness.

Be Open and Accepting of Your Situation

No one wants to deal with the effects of depression truly, but being in denial about your situation only makes it worse. Accepting your reality is the first step to recovery, and it can help you feel better in the moment and stick to your treatment plan through thick and thin. Depression affects millions worldwide, so know that you’re not alone; focus on the reality you’re living in and watch as you get closer to leaving it behind you.

Find and Stay Connected to Your Support System

Not only is it important to find a good support group, but you must also stay connected to them. Whether your group is composed of family members, friends, or a pet, this support group can be your light when things look dim. Fighting major depressive disorder can be extremely difficult, and a good support system will stay in touch and understand that there are times when you won’t reach out on your own. It’s okay to feel too exhausted or frustrated to talk, but don’t let it consume you. Even a small 5-minute conversation can help reduce many symptoms of depression.

Engage in Activities You Enjoy

What’s better than doing the things you love? Engage in activities you enjoy, whether you want to reward yourself for a good day or just improve your energy. Doing things that make you feel good helps you stay motivated and feel better as you take on the world. Start a new sport, find a new hobby, or explore a new genre of music, and enjoy the benefits afterward.


Depression may sap your energy, but you can’t combat the side effects by leaning into them. Neglecting your hygiene and dwelling on stress only combine to worsen depression. Focusing on sleep, reducing stress, and techniques to help you relax can help fight the effects of depression.

Sleep Well

Sleep is an underrated aspect of our lives, and lack of sleep (or too much sleep) can take a huge bite out of our mood. Focus on getting 7-9 hours of sleep and sticking to a more appropriate sleep schedule.

Reduce Stress

Stress can trigger and prolong depression, so you want to keep it to a minimum. Discuss your common stressors — money, relationships, or work — with your support system or therapist to help release any pressure you may have.

Learn Different Techniques That Help You Relax

Yoga, meditation, and deep breathing can all be forms of relaxation. Focus on practicing these methods once or twice a day to help combat the effects of depression.

Eat Healthier!

There’s a strong link between our health and how we feel mentally and physically. Healthier eating habits are proven to improve our mental health, so avoid alcohol, caffeine, and foods with many preservatives. Don’t skip meals, and prioritize foods with less sugar, more B vitamins, and omega-3 fatty acids.

Learn How to Combat Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts are one of the biggest impacts of depression, and they can prevent people from sticking to their routines and engaging in simple daily tasks. Combat negativity by writing how you feel in journal entries or discussing your thoughts with an individual. Practice gratitude for what you have, and challenge your negative thoughts by putting a more positive spin on your situation.

Recover From Major Depression With a Comprehensive Approach From Pasadena Villa

Recovering from major depression is a long-term battle, and you should be sure to check off any and every box possible during your process. Getting help from a professional center like Pasadena Villa Network can help you map out a recovery plan and ensure that you stick to it. If you’re battling the effects of severe depression, know that you’re not alone. Follow a few of these steps or contact Pasadena Villa Network at 407-574-5190 and begin your journey to recovery.


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