What is Adult Asperger’s Syndrome?

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Although Asperger’s syndrome is considered the mildest developmental disorder classified on the autism spectrum, diagnoses for the disorder are becoming increasingly pervasive. This disorder goes undiagnosed more often than others as children with Asperger’s syndrome display higher functioning behavior. While the fundamental symptoms of all autism spectrum disorders may be observed in individuals with Asperger’s syndrome, they’re often present to a lesser degree.

Those with Asperger’s syndrome generally have better developed vocabulary skills and score average or above average on IQ tests. They don’t suffer from speech delays or intellectual issues common in other autism spectrum disorders. Some language deficits, such as limited ability to grasp abstract concepts or comprehend irony or humor, are common. In addition, many individuals with Asperger’s syndrome are unable to interpret non-verbal communication cues such as facial expressions, body language or gestures.

While most symptoms are manageable with early intervention, many being diagnosed today are no longer in their developmental stages of life. Today, many being diagnosed are adults. They are discovering a reason for issues they’ve dealt with for the past 30, 40 or even 50 years.  Many adults have had to work through the difficulties of the disorder on their own, struggling daily to cope with the impact of the symptoms. Some are dependent on parents, family members or primary caretakers, as they’ve found steady employment difficult to accomplish.

With some professional help and support from loved ones, those affected by adult Asperger’s syndrome have the potential to live fully independent lives. Even though the impairments and symptoms of the disorder may be much milder than other forms of autism, they can still significantly intrude in daily living. Don’t allow yourself or a loved one to be overlooked by professionals. Get second and even third opinions about your diagnosis. You don’t have to be alone in your struggle any longer. Help, resources and support are out there.

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