How Can Group Therapy Sessions Benefit Your Mental Health?

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Group therapy is a common part of most mental health treatment plans. Along with individual therapy and medication, group therapy makes up a large portion of your time in a treatment program. You might feel like you would benefit more from increased time in individual therapy, but group therapy sessions are just as important. Therapy groups are a valuable tool that helps you in more ways than you might realize. What are some of the benefits of group therapy for mental health?

Group therapy sessions help you realize you aren’t alone

Mental health disorders are an isolating experience. People typically feel alone in their struggles and don’t know anyone who understands what they are going through. In group therapy, though, you spend time with people who know exactly what you live with every day. It eliminates feelings of isolation and allows you to connect with others who have similar experiences.

Therapy groups give you space to find yourself

It isn’t easy to figure out who you are when managing your mental health requires the majority of your energy. Therapy groups give you a safe place to start identifying feelings and emotions that you might otherwise shut off. It also allows you to find your voice when it might otherwise feel like you need to hold back or keep things to yourself.

You get to both give and receive support in a group therapy session

Group therapy sessions put you on both sides of the clinical spectrum. You not only receive help from the therapist or counselor leading the group, but you also get to give support to and receive support from your peers. It feels good to help others, and a therapy group is the perfect opportunity to do so, and it helps to do so in a space where everyone understands one another.

Therapy groups provide a safe place to learn

When you only go to individual therapy, you have to practice things like coping skills or learning to exert yourself on your own. You can work on them with your therapist during the session, but the majority of the work takes place outside of their office. In therapy groups, though, you have a real group of people to practice alongside. You can work on difficult things in a safe environment before taking them out into the real world.

Group therapy helps you learn to interact with others

Since mental health disorders often leave you feeling isolated and alone, your interpersonal skills often take a hit. However, group therapy sessions provide a place where you can work on interacting with others with little to no negative outcomes. The therapist overseeing the session can guide you through having difficult conversations by setting up mock interactions with your peers in group. Once you feel comfortable interacting with others during a group session, you can work on it in your everyday life.

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