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Treating Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Early treatment and proper care can improve a client’s symptoms and ability to function and reduce difficulties as they learn new skills. The wide range of issues facing those “on the spectrum” means that there is no single best treatment for ASD. Working closely with a doctor or healthcare professional is an important part of finding the right treatment program.
Pasadena Villa has experienced therapists and counseling staff that leverage cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and experiential therapy while using Pasadena Villa’s Social Integration Model™, which prepares clients life outside of treatment and for reaching the highest level of individual functioning possible. Contact our compassionate Admissions Team today to discuss treatment options and receive a confidential consultation.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) FAQs

There’s no blood test to diagnose autism spectrum disorder (ASD), however, a developmental screening can be used to evaluate social communication and social integration as well as restrictive and repetitive behaviors.
The Stables Autism Program accepts adult males and females (18 and older) who have ASD and have not achieved or sustained the level of social, academic, occupational, employment, and family function desired.
Pasadena Villa has a 25-year history of effectively treating individuals with ASD, and The Stables Autism Program is a culmination of that evidence-based treatment. We use a natural environment to engage individuals in evidence-based activities and strategies, in conjunction with Pasadena Villa’s Social Integration Model™, that allows for an improvement in social functioning.

Treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

With over 25 years of experience, Pasadena Villa offers a complete continuum of care, providing you the consistency in your treatment that will help you sustain your progress.

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Treatment Locations

The Villa Orlando

At the Villa Orlando, we are committed to providing the highest quality individualized psychiatric and psychotherapeutic care for adults of all genders (ages 18 years and older), while helping our clients maximize social functioning in the real world. We don’t just focus on the presenting condition, but rather on the underlying disorders by utilizing a comprehensive whole-person approach that serves as the foundation for true client-centered care. We offer intensive residential treatment (RTC), a partial hospitalization program (PHP), and an intensive outpatient program (IOP) to ensure each client’s needs are met.

Smoky Mountain Lodge

Smoky Mountain Lodge is a residential psychiatric treatment center in the beautiful Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee. Our compassionate, dedicated staff fosters an environment of healing. By providing treatment for the full spectrum of mental health disorders for adults of all genders (ages 18 and older), we ensure that clients are well prepared for life after treatment. We offer intensive residential treatment (RTC) as well as a partial hospitalization program (PHP) to ensure each client’s needs are met.

The Stables Autism Program

Offering residential treatment that supports independent living for adults on the autism spectrum (ages 18 and older), the Stables Autism program helps clients gain self-awareness, acceptance, inner-strength, and life strategies. Located on 25 acres in the Smoky Mountains, the program operates offers multi-sensory elements and experiences. Outdoor experiences include Cades Cove, Wears Valley Ranch, Little Pigeon River, and the Smoky Mountain National Park that gives clients the opportunity to engage in hiking, mountain biking, camping, fishing, and horseback riding.

Pasadena Villa Outpatient

Pasadena Villa Outpatient provides treatment for adults, 18 years or older, who struggle with various mental illnesses. We place a strong emphasis on learning and practicing coping skills, life skills, and self-management strategies to help clients address difficulties they’re facing and build a life. At Pasadena Villa Outpatient, we believe everyone can learn, grow, and recover, so we do everything we can to prepare our clients for life after treatment. We offer partial hospitalization programs (PHPs), intensive outpatient programs (IOPs), day virtual intensive outpatient programs (V-IOPs), and evening V-IOPs, with levels of care varying by location.

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