Kyle’s Journey of Healing at Smoky Mountain Lodge

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In Kyle’s words: “My time at Smoky Mountain Lodge, without exaggeration, saved my life.” Before seeking treatment, he was in a near constant state of crisis to the point where he felt he was a danger to himself. His relationships were suffering, his ability to do his job was dwindling, and he was emotionally distraught. 

Kyle told us, “In a moment of crisis, I found myself with two choices: end the pain myself, or find a place where someone, something could help me.” After a panicked conversation with his therapist and family, Kyle set out to find a treatment center. Shortly thereafter, they came across Pasadena Villa’s network of facilities, and found the Smoky Mountain Lodge just a few hours away from home.

Navigating the Admissions Process: A Ray of Hope Amid Personal Struggles

The admissions process was relatively easy, and the staff was immensely helpful. After a clinical assessment over the phone and some insurance talks, the admissions team let Kyle know that there was a bed available, and that they could take him immediately. The process was simple enough that Kyle could work through it amid his personal struggles.

Kyle’s family and friends were not surprised that he was seeking treatment, and each of them were excited for him to go to Smoky Mountain Lodge. They all had the confidence that this was a place that could truly help him. They were right, and Kyle’s time there proved it.

The Journey Within: Settling into the Unknown Terrain of Treatment

As a resident of the program, Kyle found himself in a strange, unfamiliar, and slightly intimidating position for the first few days. Adjusting to the new reality of treatment can be tough for anyone, but the Psych Techs and clinical staff do a wonderful job of explaining things, helping him settle in, and supporting his care journey. As soon as he walked in the door, he realized how safe of an environment he was in—he got surrounded by care immediately. Daily group therapy sessions, frequent personal therapy, and a mix of different recreational activities helped him to pass the time and really process through his traumas and dysfunctions.

The Transformative Power of Doing the Work

Things can feel slow at times, and at others it may feel like there is too much going on, but what stays consistent is that if you are there to do the work, you will make progress. Kyle is eternally grateful for the time he was given to work on himself and the help he received in doing so. He is also grateful for the work his therapist did with him, which genuinely saved and changed his life.

Embracing Alumni Status: Strength, Support, and Lifelong Connections

The Smoky Mountain Lodge helped Kyle realize that he was not hopeless, that things can get better, and there is always help available if he can bring himself to simply look for it. Being an alumni of Smoky Mountain Lodge means knowing that he did the best possible thing for himself in one of the worst seasons of his life. It means knowing he has the strength to push through and having a network of dedicated caregivers who are willing and ready to help. It also means having lifelong friends who understand what he is going through because they were there going through it with him.

Kyle cannot understate how glad he is that he decided to take this step for himself and his family. His relationships have improved, his ability to function at work has improved, and most importantly, his relationship with himself and his emotions has improved immensely. He feels stable, he feels safe, and he feels like he has the tools to keep handling whatever life throws his way.

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