Breaking Free of Anger: Hope for Those Struggling with Bipolar Disorder

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Bipolar Disorder Violent Outbursts

Those with a loved one suffering from bipolar disorder may have experienced many episodes of bipolar anger — sometimes uncontrollable anger or violence — directed toward them. It may seem unreasonable and unprovoked. Additionally, bipolar disorder violent outbursts may be scary. Did you know that often an individual with bipolar disorder may be using anger and bipolar disorder violent outbursts to cloak their real emotions? Bipolar disorder anger may be a coping mechanism to help an individual with bipolar disorder relieve tension and avoid dealing with their real emotions and issues.

Bipolar disorder anger outbursts may last for several days. These outbursts may occur during manic episodes and agitated states of depression. During a manic episode, mood changes can swing from irritability to euphoria to depression (that includes bipolar anger outbursts) in as little as half an hour.

An individual with bipolar disorder may feel completely justified in their behavior and express anger by yelling, throwing or breaking things, or being physical violent. Generally, these outbursts are not premeditated and may have been triggered by something that is seemingly insignificant to others. And, unfortunately, usually those closest to the individual and least deserving of this anger receive the brunt of it.

How to Deal with Someone Who Is Bipolar and Angry

Severe bipolar disorder can affect an individual’s ability to keep a steady job, stay in school, build and keep healthy relationships, or participate in daily activities. However, there is hope for individuals struggling with bipolar disorder and significant bipolar anger issues.

Once an individual receives treatment for their bipolar disorder, they are more likely to have fulfilling jobs, stable relationships, and a meaningful life . Although they might have times when they feel more “up” or “down” than others, they can learn to manage their bipolar disorder and function in daily life.

To treat individuals with bipolar disorder, Pasadena Villa uses the techniques of dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). DBT helps individuals who need guidance with distress tolerance and emotional regulation to deal with daily stresses and major transitions. DBT has been demonstrated to be effective in treating mood disorders such as bipolar disorder. Pasadena Villa’s therapists and groups focus on the skills of mindfulness and interpersonal effectiveness to help clients improve their relationships with themselves and others and handle their emotions honestly and appropriately. Additionally, at Pasadena Villa, we teach clients’ families how to deal with someone who is bipolar and angry.

Are you caring for a loved one with bipolar disorder?

Two of Pasadena Villa’s locations, the Villa Orlando and Pasadena Villa’s Smoky Mountain Lodge, are adult intensive psychiatric residential treatment centers for clients with serious mental illnesses, including bipolar disorder. We provide individualized bipolar disorder treatment programs based on each client’s needs to ensure the best chance at recovery. The levels of care offered at the Villa Orlando and Smoky Mountain lodge include intensive residential treatment and partial hospitalization treatment.

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